Tougaloo College Receives $2,750,000 from Anonymous Donor for Scholarships

TOUGALOO, Miss. – Tougaloo College’s “Finish Line Initiative” seeks to address the unmet financial needs of our scholars, who have demonstrated the ability to succeed in college and who are within two academic years of successful matriculation (i.e., 60 credit hours or more). To support this initiative that assists third- and fourth- year students in their matriculation to graduation, an anonymous donor has made a gift of $2.5 million to support the College’s scholarship program. This gracious gift is the second donation as the first gift of $250,000 was given earlier this academic semester. 

Dr. Carmen J. Walters, 14th President of Tougaloo College said “These funds will ensure that those students who are financially disadvantaged are able to remain in college, thus ensuring successful matriculation and completion of their prospective programs. Scholarship support will enable these talent eagles to truly soar. We are immensely thankful to assist with these supportive services.”
Mrs. Sandra Hodge, Vice President for Institutional Advancement shared that, “This generous scholarship support will bridge unmet financial needs of our students and help them cross the finish line.”
These generous donations are appreciated and pivotal in boosting our ability to support students as they achieve their goals. Students will receive communication of the application process and eligibility requirements beginning January 2022.