Dr. Beverly W. Hogan has served as president of Tougaloo College since May 2002 and will retire on June 30, 2019. She is the 13th President and first woman to lead this historic institution.

President Hogan says it is indeed a bittersweet decision but one she has made with clarity of thought and purpose. Tougaloo College will celebrate its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2019 and is well-positioned for greater relevance and viability. She believes this is a good time to pass the leadership torch to the next leader who will move the college forward into a bold new frontier of higher education in an exciting, albeit, a challenging and changing environment. She pledges her continued support, adding, “Tougaloo has always been my charity of choice”.

An alumna, former member of the board of trustees and college administrator, President Hogan has a global understanding of the college’s history, mission and values. She brought unparalleled commitment, leadership experience, knowledge and skills to her role and led Tougaloo through challenging economic times to emerge a stronger and more viable institution today with the support of a strong, committed leadership team, dedicated faculty and staff, unwavering engagement of the Board of Trustees and loyal support of alumni and friends. President Hogan commented, “Together, we have weathered some crisis years to engineer the building and growth of the Tougaloo we see today. The future looks bright for Tougaloo. It is not encumbered by debt. There are tremendous opportunities for the college to diversify its revenue streams through the development and optimization of its fixed assets, some of which are already in progress. I am confident Tougaloo’s best days are in the future.”

Reflecting on her time at Tougaloo, President Hogan states, “It has been my absolute honor to serve Tougaloo College. It has been my privilege to work with some of the most dedicated women and men - in the form of trustees, faculty, staff and alumni - one could ever hope to experience. And, thinking of my wonderful students makes my heart smile. Year after year, they have entered our gates in search of truth and knowledge and exited, armed with the academic, social and professional tools to compete in any arena with the undergirding confidence necessary to succeed. It is such a wonderful gift to have played a part in helping to create a better future through producing generations of leaders and productive citizens poised to make their marks in the larger world and effect meaningful change.”

Under her leadership, a solid organizational infrastructure has been established to support a top-notched academic enterprise. New undergraduate degree programs in mass communications, hotel and hospitality management and religious studies, two graduate degree programs in education and an Early College High School in partnership with the Jackson Public School District have been added. An Honors Program, the Center for Undergraduate Research, the Center for International Studies and Global Change and the Institute for the Study of Modern Day Slavery have been established as well as the formation of the Research and Development Foundation. Significant technological improvements have been made, including campus wide connectivity, smart classrooms, wireless networks and the installation of an integrated information management system. Campus renovations, the repurposing and renovation of the L. Zenobia Coleman Library into a 21st Century Learning Resource Center and the construction of the Bennie G. Thompson Academic and Civil Rights Research Center have transformed the living and learning environment.

When asked about her life after retirement, President Hogan smiles and says she looks forward to entering a more relaxing phase of her life, spending more time with her family, writing, gardening, reading and being civically engaged in the life of her community.

Wesley F. Prater, M.D., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, stated “Tougaloo College is blessed to have had President Hogan at its helm since 2002. Her optimistic worldview combined with her administrative skills and innovative mindset has Tougaloo College on a solid foundation. The Tougaloo College Board of Trustees could not have asked for anything more. She will be missed.”

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