As a student, member, and scholar of the Tougaloo College community, I obligate myself to the pursuit of academic excellence, model citizenship, intellectual and social responsibility.

As an Eaglet...

  • I will abide and encourage my peers to value the rules and regulations, which are included in  our Student Handbook;
  • I will practice personal and academic integrity;
  • I will respect and appreciate the diversity of others ideas and opinions;
  • I will demonstrate integrity and determination in all academic pursuits;
  • I will respect others by honoring their rights, privacy, and belongings;
  • I will exhibit behavior and choose language that demonstrates respect for self and others;
  • I will uphold the rights of all persons to be treated with dignity and respect and to refrain from all forms of intimidation, harassment, and illegal discrimination;
  • I will embrace the importance of personal well-being: a commitment to a healthy lifestyle in all its facets;
  • I will engage in the civic life and activities of our community: a commitment to improve the quality of life of others;
  • I pledge to uphold these values and encourage others to follow my example;
  • I will take pride in my beloved institution, Tougaloo College; and
  • I will take pride in my education at my beloved Tougaloo College by adhering to the class attendance policy.