Tougaloo College enjoys a rich and exciting history with Greek Life. The Pan Hellenic Council coordinates activities among its member organizations and promotes unity and cooperation among the recognized Greek-letter organizations, individually as well as collectively. The Pan Hellenic Council is composed of active representatives of all approved national Greek-letter fraternities and sororities:

The College requires that a student has a cumulative grade point average of 2.8 and 2.5 the previous semester to be eligible for membership in a Greek letter organization. However, each organization also has its own scholastic standard which may be higher than the requirement set by the College. A student must have met all financial obligations to the College and have no current disciplinary or behavior restrictions as verified by the appropriate college official, before permission will be given to join a Greek letter organization.Freshmen write letters during the second semester for proposed initiation during the first semester of the sophomore year. Transfer students may write letters, pledge and be initiated after matriculating at Tougaloo College for one semester with a cumulative 2.5 average earned at Tougaloo College.

 Guidelines for Governing Greek Letter Organizations