Move In Schedule

New, Transfer and Readmit – Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Returning Students – Sunday, August 11th, 2019 

Renner Hall

August 10th, 2019       12pm - 5pm

Berkshire A

August 10th, 2019        12pm - 5pm

Berkshire B

August 10th, 2019        12pm - 5pm

AA Branch

August 11th, 2019        12pm - 5pm

New Women

August 11th, 2019        12pm - 5pm

**All students must go to the gym and register first, then report to the residence halls. **

Request to move in Early?

Since the College cannot accommodate all early arrival requests, we recommend contacting local hotels if you require lodging prior to your designated move-in day.

Packing Information

  • Contact your roommate to avoid duplicate items.
  • Please refer to Public Safety for tips on protecting your valuables.
  • If you are traveling a great distance, consider purchasing some items once you arrive. There are various retail options within a 5-mile radius of campus.
  • You can always pick up items on your next trip home or have family and friends send packages to you on campus.
  • Wait to shop for groceries and supplies. These supplies take up valuable space in vehicles. Consider meeting your roommate(s) upon arrival to determine what supplies are needed.
  • Consider room size. Pack as lightly as you can.

What to Bring?

 What to bring