For emergencies and non-emergency calls, 24 hours a day, contact 601-977-7857 or 601-813-5869.


Welcome to Tougaloo College and Public Safety. The role of the Office of Public Safety is to work toward ensuring the safety of all individuals while on campus and provide for the security of all properties of the College. In doing so, it is recognized that security at Tougaloo College is everybody's business. Although no community can be totally risk-free in today's society, the office works toward securing partnerships with students, faculty, staff, administration and guests in creating an atmosphere that is safe and conducive to learning.

It is important that Public Safety have a philosophy that is consistent with contemporary policies and campus expectations. Therefore, we ask that you always adhere to all established Rules and Regulations governing conduct and behavior while on campus.

Policies and procedures of the College are not designed to restrict your freedom, but rather to ensure that the rights and privileges of all individuals on campus are protected.

As the Chief of Public Safety for Tougaloo College, and on behalf of all the men and women of Public Safety, we look forward to being of service to members of the Tougaloo community and continue to provide a safe and secure environment on a daily basis.

Thanks for the cooperative effort of everyone at Tougaloo College.

Edna P. Drake
Chief of Public Safety