The Dean of Students has the responsibility for holistic student development and learning outcomes through a variety of programs and services which are designed to assist and support students in achieving academic and personal success. The Dean provides general student advocacy and administration, assists with resolving college-related concerns, complaints, and provide oversight of the student code of conduct and the administration of the student judicial process.

The office reviews complaints, alleges infractions of the code of conduct based on formal complaints, schedules disciplinary hearings, and transmits the results to the student. Additionally, the office maintains student judicial records and is responsible for updates to the Student Handbook.

2021 - Judicial Council Training Manual

Student Complaint

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Services serves as a vehicle for all students who wish to lodge complaints or seek assistance regarding matters as they relate to the institution. Students must first register their complaints by filing a "Student Complaint" ( electronically. All matters which fall under the purview of Enrollment Management and Student Services will be forwarded to the immediate supervisor in that area for resolution. If the complaint is not resolved, students may use the following process:

  • Complaints which are not resolved at the first level of contact will be referred to the next supervisor until it reaches the Vice President of that area.
  • If complaints are still not resolved, it could be forwarded to the President of the College for resolution, which may entail forwarding all relevant documents to the President.

If the nature of a complaint is not directly related to an area under the administrative responsibility of the Enrollment Management and Student Services, the complaint will be referred to the staff or administrative supervisor who has responsibility for that area of complaint.