Questions to Ask Representatives

  1. What are the admission requirements and procedures? (i.e. - GREs, LSATs, campus interviews?)
  2. What are the application fees? Can fees be waived for economically-needy students?
  3. What is the deadline for application? Does the institution have rolling admission policies?
  4. What is the ratio of applicants to students admitted?
  5. What are the academic qualifications of accepted applicants? What other entrance requirements are there?
  6. What is the application deadline for financial aid?
  7. How much financial assistance is given to students, and in what forms (loans, grants, fellowships, work study programs)? What is the percentage of students in your discipline who receive graduate assistantships?
  8. How diverse is the student body?
  9. Does the institution actively recruit multicultural students?
  10. What is the ratio of applicants entering directly from undergraduate school to those entering with several years of work experience?
  11. What is the ratio of full-time to part-time students?
  12. What is the program's attrition rate?
  13. What is the program's curriculum?
  14. What is the required number of credit hours? What other degree requirements are there?
  15. Are there any foreign language requirements?
  16. What degrees do faculty teaching in your discipline hold? Where were they received? (Is there diversity?)
  17. Is faculty involved in research? What grants have they received for their projects?
  18. What is the ratio of students to faculty?
  19. What is the ratio of full-time to part-time faculty?
  20. Is there any information regarding the library facilities, independent research centers, labs, and/or institutes on campus or in the community?
  21. What type of computers are used and how many are available for the student body?
  22. Are placement statistics on graduates available?
  23. How many students in your discipline are assisted in finding internships, summer jobs and/or post-graduate employment?
  24. What types of career information panels, workshops, counseling and other programs are offered?
  25. How involved is the surrounding community with the school?
  26. What are the number and types of student organizations on campus?

~ Office of Career Services