Restoring the Nest: Volunteer for Tougaloo College and Lead the Change

A Partnership between Tougaloo College and Tougaloo College National Alumni Association

Are you looking to share your expertise, skills, or knowledge with students or fellow graduates? Then join the volunteer service of Restoring the Nest. Read the endorsement of Tougaloo College Director of Alumni Relations Doris Griffith Bridgeman.  Consider the volunteer opportunities listed below to find an opportunity to match your interest, experience, and schedule.

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • 1869 Annual Fund Steering Committee
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Class Reunions
  • General Office Assistance
  • IT Experts – Sharing Knowledge
  • Marketing through Social Media & Print
  • Tougaloo College Choir Tour Committee
  • Special Events – Founders’ Week & Commencement
  • Student Development and Career Services
  • Student Recruitment
  • Restoring the Nest – Spring/Fall Campus Beautification Project


Earn Recognition

At the conclusion of each year, participants will receive a “Restoring the Nest” certificate for participating in the Tougaloo College Volunteer Program. Volunteer hours served will be recorded and reported to employers for credit. In addition, TCNAA will host a display and reception in the Bennie G. Thompson building during commencement weekend celebrating the work of all volunteers.
Tougaloo College Office of Alumni Affairs
Alumni House
Tougaloo College
500 West County Line Road
Tougaloo, MS 39174

Restoring the Nest: Staff Contacts

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Tougaloo College.  Being active “Where History Meets the Future,” alumni volunteers possess the skills to share with students and fellow graduates to lead the change via Restoring the Nest.  See the list below with faculty and staff contact information to volunteer in areas of your expertise.    Contact them throughout the year to become involved in the growth of Tougaloo College.  We greatly appreciate your efforts in support of Restoring the Nest.

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Staff Contact Volunteer Opportunities Your Role as a Volunteer

Doris Griffith Bridgeman
Director of Alumni Relations

Reunion Class Agents:

Volunteer to organize classmates by reunion year every five years. 

Tougaloo College invites all alumni to return every year to campus for graduation weekend in May. We recognize and celebrate the alumni anniversary on a five-year cycle during the weekend. The role of class agents involve the following:

1869 Annual Fund Steering Committee

Volunteer as a member of the 1869 Annual Fund Steering Committee to assist with identifying and cultivating friends and alumni as donors to support Tougaloo College.

Tougaloo College Choir Tour Committee

The Choir of Tougaloo College travels every year to different areas of the country to showcase their talent, cultivate relationships, and encourage contributions to the 1869 Annual Fund.

Pre-Alumni Council Advisory Committee

  • Conference Supporters
  • Mentors
  • Program Sponsors

Training the next generation of Tougaloo College alumni is important work. Volunteer to assist in mentoring and encouraging the students.

Patricia W. Johnson
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Planned Giving

Endowment Building

  • Ernst Borinski Endowed Fund
  • Civil Rights Endowed Chair Fund
  • Kincheloe Society
  • Named Scholarships
  • Tougaloo Endowment Trust
  • Civil Rights Endowed Chair Fund
  • Woodworth Chapel Legacy Initiative

Volunteer to raise funds for the endowed funds of Tougaloo College. In addition, speakers are welcome to address groups on planned giving, especially on the topics of estate planning and the importance of having a will. Tougaloo College Alumni with financial planning backgrounds can serve as volunteer speakers to educate other alumni on the benefits of leaving their legacy with Tougaloo College.

Eleanor P. Jones
Sr. Administrative Assistant

Special Event Activity

  • Commencement
  • Founders’ Week

Volunteers with talents in planning, executing, and creating special events are needed to support the activities surrounding commencement and Founders’ Week of Tougaloo College.

General Office Assistance

Skilled office volunteers to assist with clerical duties, mass mailings, answering the phone, and other related activities.

Juno Leggette Jacobs, Ph.D.
Director of Enrollment Services

Student Recruitment

Boost the enrollment of Tougaloo College by recruiting students. Volunteers can:

  • Attend local college fairs
  • Host new student events
  • Speak at high school or local events
  • Assist with Enrollment Services-Call-a-Thon

All volunteers will receive a copy of Dr. Linda Daniels’ guide to volunteering.

Whitney F. McDowell
Coordinator of Career Services


Volunteers for Student Development and Career Services

  • Career Fair
  • Graduate/Professional School Day
  • Internships and job prospects
  • Mentoring
  • Professional Speakers

Share your professional training and expertise to assist students with resume writing, dressing for success, and mentoring. Volunteer to represent your company during the career fair; speak to students about paths to different careers; or support the College’s graduate and professional school conference.

Delores Bolden Stamps, Ph.D.
VP for Institutional Advancement

Academic Enrichment Program

  • Education
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Grant Writing
  • Internship Programs
  • Proposals for Funding

Volunteer for an interactive experience with students for one lecture, a series of lectures, or to serve as a guest professor for a semester. Giving back through the classroom will reap benefits for you and our students.

In addition, volunteer your skills as a grant writer to assist the academicians with securing funding for programs to enrich the Tougaloo experience of our students.

Kelle Menogan, Sr.
VP for Facilities and Real Property Management

Angela Harrion
Sr. Administrative Assistant and Facility Rental Coordinator

Restoring the Nest – Spring/Autumn Campus Beautification Project

  • Planting of Annuals
  • Restoring the Lawn
  • Offices and Buildings
  • Campus Walkways and Roads

Talented horticulturist, lawn care experts, and road repair companies are needed to “restore the nest” of the Soaring Eagles in time for commencement and class reunion activities. Help us to make Tougaloo College shine under the direction of the Office of Facilities and Real Property Management.

Derrick Caldwell
Information Technology

Campus Technology Assistance

Repairing or Restoring Campus Equipment

Experts in computer science are needed to assist with upgrading the computers on campus or assisting with the repairing or restoring campus equipment.

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