By accepting your financial aid awards, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions listed below and within the Financial Aid Award Letter.

  1. I understand that my financial aid eligibility is determined in accordance with laws, regulations, and appropriations (existing and anticipated) of the U.S. Congress, the state Legislature, and other donors.
  2. I understand that my financial aid eligibility is subject to adjustment or cancellation in the event changes occur in laws, regulations, or appropriations during the period of my award.
  3. I agree to notify the Office of Financial Aid of the sources and amount of any financial assistance that I may receive from other sources including scholarships, loans, educational benefits, etc., which do not appear on my Financial Aid Award Letter. I further understand that if additional assistance reduces my eligibility, an adjustment in my awards may be necessary. This adjustment may include the return of loan funds to my lender or the necessity to repay other types of aid already received.
  4. I understand that my aid eligibility is based on the financial information provided by my family and/or me and is subject to adjustment or cancellation if changes occur or if errors are subsequently discovered.
  5. My acceptance of a particular type of aid, such as a scholarship authorizes the Financial Aid Office to release information that may be requested by the donor.
  6. I understand that in order to receive financial aid I must be making satisfactory academic progress toward my degree as described in the “Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy”.
  7. If I withdraw from the College before the end of the term and have already received my financial aid, I understand that I may be expected to repay all or a portion of my aid funds. I agree to follow Tougaloo College withdrawal procedures available from the Office of Academic Affairs.
  8. I understand that I must meet repayment obligations on an educational loan and repay any financial aid funds due because of a withdrawal or an over award situation or I will not be eligible for future financial aid and may have a hold placed on my College records.
  9. If I am offered and accept Federal Work-Study (FWS), I understand it is my responsibility to turn in a FWS Authorization Form. I further understand that I must turn in a time card at the end of each month to Financial Aid in order to be paid.
  10. I understand that if I want to borrow from the Federal Stafford or Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) I must follow the instructions provided by the Financial Aid Award Letter.
  11. I understand that I must file for financial aid each year by the deadline to receive the maximum amount of financial aid.