Individuals who wish to transfer from other accredited institutions may petition the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Generally, academic credit will be awarded for transfer work where a grade of "C" or higher was earned. The course work must be college level academic work. The College will accept up to 64 hours from a community or other two-year institution. Individuals with advanced standing, seeking a degree at Tougaloo College, must spend the final academic year in residence. During this period they must take at least 30 semester hours of credit and must achieve an average grade of "C" or higher.

Transfer or Summer School Credit

The College will accept transfer credit for summer study from other accredited institutions subject to the following stipulations. During their tenure at Tougaloo College:

  • Students may transfer up to 14 semester hours earned in summer school. However, during any single summer, students are limited to credit transfers as follows. The College will not validate credits earned through correspondence courses.
    Session Maximum Transferable Credits  
    Full summer session 12 semester hours*  
    First summer session 9 semester hours  
    Second summer session 3 semester hours  
      *May be 13 hours if laboratory credits are involved  


  • Students may transfer no more than eight semester hours of general education credits, which have been earned in summer school.
  • Students considering summer study must consult with their advisors regarding course selection. Advisors and department chairs' signatures are required on summer study permission forms.
  • Students desiring to transfer credits earned during summer study must file a properly executed permission form in the Vice President's office by April 30 preceding summer enrollment.
  • Students who have advanced to junior level must choose a senior college to pursue summer study.
  • Students must observe the order of prerequisites prescribed in the Tougaloo College Catalog in selecting summer courses. The College regulation, which requires seniors to take the last 30 hours in residence, supersedes the summer study regulation. The Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the College may approve exceptions to this policy.

This policy applies to summer enrollments following at least one semester of study at Tougaloo College. Thus, it has no bearing on admissions policy as applicable to transfer students. Moreover, the College will not validate summer school credits earned by transfer students following their matriculation at Tougaloo College. Special contractual transfer-or-credit programs, such as 3-2 engineering programs and cross-enrollment agreements, are not bound by this policy.