Housing Withdrawal Policy

A student withdrawing from the residence hall within a specified period is entitled to a refund for room and board according to the pro-rated scale below. To be eligible for a refund, the student must properly withdraw from the residence hall. Students withdrawing or removed because of disciplinary action may forfeit the right to a refund. The date of withdrawal will be referred to as the date on which the Director of Residential Life is officially notified by the student with the submission of the completed Residence Hall Withdrawal Form. Refunds will be based on fees actually paid as of the withdrawal date. Refunds should not be expected until four weeks after the official date of withdrawal.

    Segment of Semester (Fall and Spring) Refund  
    Withdrawal within the First week of classes 50%  
    Withdrawal within the Second week of classes 40%  
    Withdrawal within the Third week of classes 30%  
    Withdrawal after the Third week of classes No Refund  
    Segment of Semester (Summer) Refund  
    Withdrawal within the First day of classes 50%  
    Withdrawal within the Second day of classes 40%  
    Withdrawal within the Third day of classes 30%  
    Withdrawal after the Third day of classes No Refund  

Single Room Policy

Students may apply for a single/private room after the residence hall adjustment period. All students who choose to reside in a private room will be charged an additional $400.00 per semester. Students who choose not to have a single room will be consolidated. If you desire to remain in a single occupancy room, you will be charged per semester. Fees are subject to change by the Administration without notice.

Check Cashing Policy

The College does not provide personal check cashing services for students. Students may cash traveler’s checks, money orders and cashier’s checks up to $50.00 for personal needs.

Bookstore Voucher Policy

The College will allow students with sufficient financial aid to receive a book voucher to purchase only books from the College Store. Book Vouchers are issued in increments of $25.00 with a minimum of $100.00 and a maximum of $650.00. Institutional Scholars who receive full Presidential Scholarship or Full Athletic Scholarships are only eligible for $150.00 each semester. This amount will be billed to the students account. Once the voucher has been issued, the entire voucher amount must be used in the bookstore, as no refunds will be posted to the student account. If there is a remaining credit balance, the student can request a gift card from the bookstore that will allow the credit balance to be used at a later date.