Psychology Major - Required Courses

The Psychology major is open to sophomores who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50. 
Psychology degree candidates must also complete an additional 15 hours credit (5 courses) of electives from the following two groups:


Group I: Social, Personality, Organizational, Women, & Measurement (Choose three out of six, 9 hours)
PSY 321Personality Theory
PSY 321Organizational Behavior
PSY 323Social Psychology
PSY 324Psychology of Women
PSY 331Psychological Measurement
PSY 327Topics in Psychology (One or more)


Psychology degree candidates must also complete an additional 15hours credit (5 courses) of electives from the following two groups:

Group II: Learning, Neuroscience, Health, Community, Sensation & Perception (Choose two out of six, 6 hours)
PSY 325Psychology of Learning
PSY 326Behavioral Neuroscience
PSY 328Health Psychology in Disaster Preparedness
PSY 329Community Psychology
PSY 332Sensation and Perception
PSY 425Internship (One internship course as an elective in Junior or Senior years)

Number of Units Required for Graduation: 50 Hours

Additional Required Courses

MAT 103 or MAT 106, GEN 210 or GEN 211 (6 hours) in the recommended sequence:
Freshman year:
Mat 103College AlgebraFall/ Spring
MAT 106Contemporary MathematicsFall/ Spring
Sophomore year:
GEN 210The Secret of LifeFall/ Spring
GEN 211Race, Gender, & MedicineFall/ Spring
Total Hours: 6


Senior Thesis


A senior thesis is required of all graduating majors. This is an empirical research project developed by students in consultation with a member of the faculty during the spring semester of their junior year. The objective of the paper is to enable students to analyze in-depth issues and topics in psychology. Students are expected to write a research paper and make an oral presentation during their senior year. The faculty member supervises progress on the research and the writing of the thesis in APA format. All seniors must take two courses: Senior Seminar I (PSY 423) Senior Seminar II (PSY 424) one credit hour each, which are required to complete the Senior paper. These courses are designed for seniors t be familiar with the APA format, get a hands-on-experience using the SPSS program, and other statistical and research tools needed to assist them with their paper.

College policy does not permit a student to write the Senior Thesis until the English Writing Proficiency Exam has been passed.

GRE Requirement

All Graduate schools require the GRE or some standardized test for admission to a Graduate program. It is recommended that Psychology majors take the GRE or any other recognized national test such as the LSAT, or PRAXIS during their Junior year and report their scores to the registrar’s office and the psychology department no later than the fall Semester of their senior year.


Suggested Course Sequence: Major in Psychology

Freshman year:
PSY 111*General Psychology3Fall/Spring
PSY 112General Psychology3Fall/Spring
MAT 103 or 106College Algebra/ Contemporary Math3Fall/Spring
Total Hours 9
Sophomore year:
PSY 213Abnormal Psychology3Fall/Spring
SSD 215Foundations in Statistical Thinking3Fall/  Spring
PSY 221Child & Adolescent Psychology3Fall
Total Hours: 9
PSY 216Experimental Psychology3Fall
PSY 224Psychology of Adulthood & Old Age3Spring
PSY 329Applied Statistics3Spring
Total Hours: 9
Senior year:
PSY 411History and Systems3Fall
PSY 421Research Methods in Psychology3Fall
PSY 422Psychological Research Writing3Spring
PSY 423Senior Seminar I1Fall
PSY 424Senior Seminar II1Spring
Total Hours: 11 *PSY 111 is not a prerequisite for PSY 112: allowing course to be taken in any order

Total Hours required for the major 50

Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology is open to all Tougaloo College students to enhance their employability and widen their opportunities for acceptance to graduate or professional schools. In today’s competitive job market, acquisition of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills enhances employability. There are many careers where a science-based knowledge about interpersonal skills, human/animal behavior, emotionality, and mental capabilities is valued.

To obtain a Minor in psychology, 18 credit hours must be completed: 9 hours of core requirements and 9 hours of elective courses. A minimum GPA of 2.50 is required for graduation.

Required Courses
PSY 111General Psychology3Fall/Spring
PSY 112General Psychology3Fall/Spring
PSY 213Abnormal Psychology3Fall/Spring
Total Hours 9


Elective Courses (At least one from each group, 3 in all )
Group 1
PSY 221Child & Adolescent Psychology3Fall
PSY 224Psychology of Adulthood & Old Age3Spring
SSD 215Foundations of Statistics3Fall
Group 2
PSY 321Personality Theory3Fall (even yrs.)
PSY 323Social Psychology3Fall (even yrs.)
PSY 325Psychology of Learning3Spring (odd yrs.)
PSY 325Behavioral Neuroscience3Spring (even yrs.)
Total Hours 9

Total required hours for minor: 18