Tougaloo offers preparation for students desiring to enter health professions. In recent years increasing numbers of students have entered schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, medical technology, nursing, public health, cytotechnology and pharmacy. There are now more than 200 health-related occupations which utilize training in sociology, psychology, art, and music as well as science. For details on any particular career, consult the Pre-Health Office.

All pre-medical or pre-dental students should endeavor to complete at least the minimum requirements for professional schools. While a student may, with careful planning, fulfill the requirements for medical or dental school within any major, we strongly suggest that students concentrate on their science and math courses and that they go beyond the minimum by enrolling in additional science coursework and shadowing medical professionals in the intended field. It is recommended that the courses below be completed at least one year before entering medical school or dental school.

Suggested courses for students interested in attending medical or dental school:

First Year
CHE 115General Chemistry IFall3
CHE 117General Chemistry I LabFall1
BIO 111Introduction to Biology IFall4
CHE 116General Chemistry IISpring3
CHE 118General Chemistry II LabSpring1
BIO 112Introduction to Biology IISpring4
Second Year
CHE 225Organic Chemistry IFall3
CHE 227Organic Chemistry I LabFall1
PHY 123 or 223Intro/General Physics IFall4
CHE 226Organic Chemistry IISpring3
CHE 228Organic Chemistry II LabSpring1
PHY 124 or 224Intro/General Physics IISpring4
Third Year
BIO 221Cell BiologyFall4
CHE/BIO 412BiochemistryFall or Spring4
SOC 111Introduction to Sociology*Fall or Spring3
PSY 112General Psychology II*Fall or Spring3
BIO ?Upper level biologySpring4
*Only needed by pre-medical students.
Fourth Year
Complete major and college requirements. Apply for professional school.
After the junior year students should concentrate on developing test taking skills for the MCAT or DAT.
Throughout their college career, students should shadow a variety of health professionals to solidify their motivation and commitment to their profession.

Early Identification Programs for Medicine

Tougaloo College has Early Identification agreements with Brown University, Boston University, and the University of Buffalo medical schools which allow students to be identified for admission as early as the sophomore year. The University of Mississippi’s Med-Corps Direct and Rural Physicians programs provide other pathways to medical or dental school after the sophomore year. For further information on these programs or on medical or dental school in general, contact the Pre-Health Advisor.

Veterinary Medicine Agreement with Mississippi State University

Mississippi State School of Veterinary Medicine has an early identification program for Tougaloo students. Sophomore students who have taken Biology 111-112, General Chemistry 115-118, and Math 103 or above, with GPA 2.8 or above (3.4 in sciences) and with demonstrated interest in the field, can apply to this program. They will be accepted to the program in their junior year based on their academic performance in science courses and their demonstrated interest in the field, and will be accepted to the school in their senior year.

Pharmacy Agreement with the University of Mississippi

Tougaloo College and the University of Mississippi Pharmacy School have a Preferred Admission agreement. Interested freshmen may apply to the program during their second semester at Tougaloo. Successful applicants will have a GPA of 3.25 or above in required pre-pharmacy courses (Biology 111, Chemistry 115/117, Math 103 or above) with no grades below C, as well as evidence of volunteer experience. In successive years identified students must continue to achieve at this level in required coursework. Seniors must have a PCAT score of 400 and a writing score of 3.0. Students who achieve at this level will be automatically admitted to the Ole Miss Pharmacy School.

Dual Degree Program with Xavier University of Louisiana School of Pharmacy

Tougaloo College and Xavier University of Louisiana School of Pharmacy offer a dual degree in pharmacy. Students will be identified for early acceptance into the Pharmacy School during their sophomore year at Tougaloo College. Students who are accepted will be required to meet the guidelines of the program prior to their transfer to Xavier after their junior year at Tougaloo. On successful completion of the first year of pharmacy school Tougaloo will accept Xavier courses toward the completion of a Tougaloo science major and BS degree. Students must maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above.

    Jackson Heart Study Program

    The Jackson Heart Study (JHS) is a collaborative program involving Jackson State University, Tougaloo College, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The program receives support from the National Institutes of Health’s National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Under this program, the College serves as the home of the Undergraduate Training Center (UTC).The goals of the UTC are to 1) create a pool of well-trained high school students who, upon entering college, can successfully complete undergraduate, and graduate or professional degrees in health professions; 2) introduce a program of college courses to prepare Tougaloo students to pursue advanced studies towards public health, epidemiology and biostatistics; 3) involve the students in hands-on experience to create interest in health careers; and 4) provide basic epidemiology background for health care professionals. In order to accomplish the above goals, the UTC has developed the following programs: High School Summer Outreach Programs as the Jackson Heart Study Scholars Program.