Mission Statement

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Tougaloo College serves all students interested in mathematics and its applications.  These include:

  • students majoring in mathematics in order to pursue advanced study, obtain a career in teaching or in the private sector, or achieve intellectual enrichment;
  • students from majors outside of mathematics who need to acquire mathematical skills in order to be successful in their majors;
  • students requiring remediation in mathematics.

For each of these groups, the department promotes excellence in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and encourages inquiry, application, and an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of mathematics.  To advance its mission, the Department of Mathematics and Computer science:

  • is a community that values mathematics and its applications;
  • provides a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in logic and problem solving;
  • offers a broad selection of courses that can be tailored to diverse student needs

The Department offers the following degrees:  B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Computer Science, B.S. in Secondary Education with emphasis in Mathematics, and the B.S. in Secondary Education with emphasis in Mathematics and Computer Science.  The department also offers an emphasis in Computer Science and an emphasis in Mathematics in combination with other majors.