Mission of the Chemistry Department Recognizing the increasing importance of chemistry both in liberal arts education and professional fields, the Department of Chemistry offers courses for:

  1. Students wanting some fundamental knowledge of chemistry as a part of their general education,
  2. Students entering professional careers in health/medicine, engineering/industry and education.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. George Armstrong
Professor and Chair, Chemistry
Teaches: Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry
Email: garmstrong@tougaloo.edu
Phone number: 601-977-7785
Dr. George Armstrong, Professor and Chair, Chemistry
Research: Synthesis of polyurethane nano-composites for possible use in direct methanol fuel cell membranes, which involves energy generation from renewable resource. Nano particles are prepared by “precipitation polymerization”. Polyurethane polymer chains have hard segments and soft segments. In this research we are developing a process for in situ precipitation of nano particles of the hard segments by “precipitation polymerization” into the soft segment to give nano- composites.
Dr. Bidisha Sengupta
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Teaches: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Chemistry
Email: bsengupta@tougaloo.edu
Phone: 601-977-7779
Dr. Bidisha Sengupta Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Research: Research studies on three major areas of contemporary interest: 1. Studies on the antioxidative properties of plant flavonoids in preventing glycation of proteins, nucleic acids and membranes. 2. DNA as templates for Fluorescent Silver Clusters for tumor/cancer cell imaging. 3. Spectroscopic studies on the binding of therapeutically active plant flavonoids with unusual DNA motifs toward alternate cancer therapy.
Dr. Manliang Feng
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Teaches: General Chemistry, Experimental Physical Chemistry
Email: mfeng@tougaloo.edu
Phone: 601-977-7790
Dr. Manliang Feng Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Research: 1) Design and evaluation of polypeptide based anti-cancer drugs. Peptide based drug delivery and tracing systems. 2) Studies of the electron transfer mechanism of metal enzymes and their roles in bio-catalysis. .
Dr. Rajender Trehan
Professor, Chemistry
Teaches: Quantitative Analysis, General Chemistry
Email: rtrehan@tougaloo.edu
Phone: 601-977-7792
Dr. Rajender Trehan