The Liberal Studies/Religious Studies Major is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program which aims to relate humanistic studies to career preparation. The program intends to stimulate examination of the values, ideas, ideals, and culture of human beings in the attempt to realize the interrelatedness of human knowledge and activity.

Writing is considered to be an essential skill for both communication and for the development of critical thinking habits. Since communication and critical thinking are crucial goals of this interdisciplinary major, writing is an important component of each core course in the major. HUM 311, Seminar in the Humanities, has a particularly strong emphasis and is designated as the major junior level writing intensive course.


Religious Studies

Religious Studies is currently an Associate of Arts (AA) degree program offered through the Liberal Studies Department. It provides a solid grounding in five core areas including the exploration of scholarly methods for reading and interpreting religious texts and exposure to diverse religious traditions. The Religious Studies Program offers 8 required courses in addition to the General Education requirements for the AA Degree. These 8 courses are offered through the Evening Program in a two-year rotation, enabling the student to complete their degree in two years.

Department Contact

Miranda Freeman, P.D.h
Dean, Division of Humanities