Welcome to Tougaloo College, Division of Education, Supervision and Instruction. It is an honor and a privilege to serve as the Dean of Education at Tougaloo College, a renowned historically Black College in Mississippi. For more than 145 years, Tougaloo College has enriched the lives of many students, their families, and the community. Tougaloo College has a long and successful history of providing an excellent liberal arts education, steeped in the essential traditions of equality and social justice.

As we continue to build on Tougaloo College’s teacher training legacy, we are very excited about the changes and the restructuring that is taking place in our teacher education programs. The Division of Education commitment to fostering academic success and professional development for all students and adult learners, from Pre-K thru 16, led to pursuing and successfully receiving accreditation from SACS to offer advanced degrees in Child Development studies and Initial Teacher Preparation with a concentration in Elementary Education and Secondary Education. The graduate programs will provide exceptional and important resources to the community, and state. More specifically, the programs will further Tougaloo’s overall purpose of preparing students who are imaginative, self-directed, life- long learners committed to leadership and services in a global society.

The faculty and staff in the Division of Education are committed to supporting our students. We offer classes with small enrollments to engage our learners in effective and reflective teaching methods and strategies, opportunities to collaborate with the faculty on innovative research projects, and to participate in educational conferences at the state and national levels. Our faculty and staff join me in wishing you success and happiness at Tougaloo College.

Thea H. Williams-Black, Ph.D.Thea H. Williams-Black, Ph.D.
Dean of Education, Supervision, and Instruction
Professor of Education