To earn a degree from Tougaloo College, students must satisfy all of the College's requirements and major requirements that were in effect at the time of your admission or readmission. The student must notify the College of the intent to graduate by submitting an application of degree by the following dates:

Graduation Date
Application Due Date
October 30th
February 1st
June 4th

The Career Services Office provides the resources, skills and strategies to assist students with their selection of graduate or professional school, attainment of full-time and part-time employment, career planning and other successful career transition options.

Requirements for Career Services

As a part of graduation requirements, prospective graduates are required to participate in a career planning exit session. Information will be shared concerning the Senior Packet, graduate and professional schools, and other information that must be on file including a resume, senior survey, and a copy of acceptance letter(s) to graduate or professional school.

The Following Requirements Apply

Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science must have passed a minimum of 124 semester hours, including at least 27 and not more than 48 semester hours in a subject chosen as a major.

Candidates must have earned a "C" average. A candidate's average is based upon all courses in which the candidate received a letter grade at Tougaloo College; the average is not based merely upon courses taken to meet the requirements for a major. However, transfer students may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs to have transfer credits included in their average.

A department will require its majors to take 27 to 48 semester hours within the department (excluding an emphasis). The major in Music will consist of 48 semester hours. To graduate, a candidate must not receive a grade lower than a "C" in courses required or elected for the major.

During the senior year, students are required to prepare and submit a comprehensive senior paper. Some departments may also require their majors to pass a comprehensive examination in the major field, or to submit an acceptable score on a national test, such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Assessment (GMAT). Students majoring in Elementary Education, as well as Health and Physical Education are required to take the National Teacher's Examination (NTE).

Degree candidates must demonstrate a reasonable command of written English by passing the English Proficiency Examination. Students who fail the examination have the option of enrolling in English 300 to satisfy this requirement.

Candidates for graduation must pay in full all current debts to the College.

Candidates who entered Tougaloo College with advanced standing must spend the final academic year in residence. During this period they must take at least 30 semester hours of credit and must achieve an average grade of "C" or higher.

In addition to meeting all other requirements for graduation as specified by Tougaloo College and the major department, any student who receives a degree from Tougaloo College must take the final 30 semester hours for the degree at Tougaloo College or present written permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs to take courses at another institution. Institutionally approved exchange programs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Following completion of the sophomore year and prior to graduation, the student must complete 60 hours of community service as approved by the chair of the department in which he or she is majoring. The requirement may be met by working at an approved agency or by completing a project designed by the student and approved by the division dean and the student's department chair. The project may or may not be in the student's major and must not be done for pay.