The liberal arts curriculum at Tougaloo College is based upon two assumptions: first, that students should have a general education drawn from broad academic areas, as well as specialized training in one major department; and second, that students should have freedom, within certain established guidelines and with the advice of the faculty, to choose their own course of study. Official credit for academic work is measured in semester hours. To graduate, students must pass a minimum of 124 semester hours and must have earned at least a 2.00 grade point average. The 124 hours are subdivided into approximately 27-48 semester hours in a discipline major, and the remainder in general education, electives or professional requirements for certification in special fields selected by the student.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to become self-directed learners and self-reliant citizens capable of dealing effectively with people, challenges, and issues.

Expanded Definition of Credit Hour*

Official credit for academic work is measured in semester hours. Under the semester schedule, credit hours are based on the number of weekly instructional hours provided over a 15-week period, with an instructional hour defined as no less than 50 minutes of instructor/student contact. For example, a course that awards 3 credit hours constitutes 150 minutes of instructional hours per week (instructor/student contact) over a 15 week semester. One credit hour is awarded for laboratory work (e.g. science lab or music lab, etc.) with 180 instructional minutes per week over a 15 week semester. Laboratory is defined as work performed in a supervised safe environment that accommodates hands on application and examination of subject matter theories and practices. Information relative to the awarding of course credit hours and number of credit hours required for program completion is published under requirements for graduation for the individual degree granting program.

*College Catalog Addendum approved by vote of the College Faculty, September 11, 2015