How to Get Started

As previously indicated, the community service project is an opportunity for students to broaden their Tougaloo College experience while addressing the community’s needs. Service is used as a means to explore a career path, apply course work, fulfill personal goals, and develop meaningful relationships.   Therefore, prior to researching a potential site, you should research your career interest and the opportunities to apply what you have learned and gain on the job training.

Step 1: Required attendance at a scheduled community service seminar

You must attend a community service seminar sponsored by the SASC to receive clearance to submit a project request

Step 2: Choose an organization from the approved list or select a different non-profit organization

Step 3: Contact the agency to schedule an interview

Step 4: Complete community service project proposal and project synopsis (project synopsis sample) according to the examples provided

Step 5: Submit the approved (signatures of your dean and academic advisor) community service project proposal and synopsis to the SASC to obtain start date.  Complete a pre-service assessment form.

Step 6:  Provide the agency with your available hours, set up a schedule

Step 7: Perform the service

Step 8: Submit reflective essay and any photographs you would like posted to the website and come by the office to complete a post-service evaluation (essay requirements)

Step 9: Thank the agency in writing and in person for providing you with this opportunity